• Child Education – Digital awareness of Rural children and access of technology for their upliftment

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    Rural education in India plays an important role for most of the people of our country living in villages. There are many reasons for which the schools have failed to provide education in rural India. The major concerns in rural areas are the quality and access to education system. This arises due to few numbers of teachers, lack of learning materials and books available in the schools. The only way to solve the problem of poverty in rural areas is to enhance education. But due to lack of finance, the people living in villages are unable to provide education to their children in private schools. Hence they depend on Government schools where the education is not followed in a coordinated manner. There is only a single teacher for the entire school and most of the time the school is on holiday. So if the quality of the teaching is improved in such schools by appointing more number of teachers, then the children of rural India can get an opportunity to full fill their dreams and achieve something great.

    There are still some villages in rural India where there are no schools. So to get education, the parents send their children to schools of neighbouring villages. In such cases, parents hesitate to send their daughters to far off places. This is the main reason for which girls in villages are not educated. Most of the text books and materials are available in English. But as the children from rural area can only understand their native language, they do not show any interest towards studies. Clearing the examination is the main purpose of children in rural areas. They don’t take any interest in gaining their knowledge. This leads to decline of education in rural India. The foundation of the education system has to be laid down at primary levels. This result in excellent quality of education from the beginning. The text books and materials should be available in their native language which will make them easy to understand. This creates an interest among them to get into studies.

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