• Women Empowerment – Digital awareness of rural women engaged in fishery business

    Alliance Partner: Jaljivika

    With each woman shining, shines a family, a community and a generation. Today India seems ready to take up this theme for a positive debate. Rural women are active agents of economic and social change and environmental protection who are, in many ways and to various degrees, constrained in their roles as farmers, producers, investors, caregivers and consumers. They play crucial roles ensuring food and nutrition security, eradicating rural poverty and improving the well-being of their families yet continue to face serious challenges as a result of gender-based stereotypes and discrimination that deny them equitable access to opportunities, resources, assets and services.

    But despite some progress, most rural women and girls are still struggling. They typically face more obstacles than men in gaining access to public services, social protection, decent employment opportunities, and markets and other institutions.

    If women had the same access to resources as men, they could increase farm yields.  When women are empowered – economically and socially – they become leaders and agents of change for economic growth, social progress and sustainable development.

    To address these issues, we will focus on four goals: improving food and nutrition security, increasing incomes, enhancing leadership and participation in rural institutions, and creating a more responsive policy environment at national and international levels.

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